Thursday, 20 May 2010

SECuRET SpyCam Video Recording Broken After Update To Android 2.1

I have had a couple of reports that after updating to Android 2.1, SECuRET SpyCam has failed to successfully start the video recording on motion triggers.  I have no idea what is causing this and it's not something I can easily reproduce myself.

However, the work around seems to be pretty simple; uninstall and then reinstall SECuRET SpyCam.  Easy huh?

I have so far had no reports of similar effects for SECuRET LiveStream or SECuRET RemoteControl.  A lot of the code base is shared between the 3 applications so they may suffer the same symptoms, but then neither uses video recording like SECuRET SpyCam, so they may not.


  1. Hi, on my smartphone htc with android 2.2.1 the spycam works fine with foto but with video it fails to start the video recording, the final video file has 0 byte dimension.
    I installed the spycam directy on android 2.2.1, I haven't upgraded the system.
    Thanks for your support

  2. Have you tried doing an uninstall and then reinstall of SECuRET SpyCam?

    Also, make sure you are using the very latest version.

    Perhaps also try turning your phone off and on again, and also trying different resolution settings for the actual video, i.e. your phone may not support hi-res, so try it on default.

  3. Hey

    is it normal, i can't record more of 10' ? :s
    thanks for this apps ^^

  4. Hi,

    I have the motorolla Photon and I can't get the app to stop making that loud noise when it stars recoring. It defeats the purpose as it reveals the phones location. Thanks

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