Friday, 25 June 2010

WiFi File Explorer Updates Coming Soon

I've been focusing most development effort on the SECuRET applications in recent weeks, but I haven't forgotten about good ol' WiFi File Explorer.  In fact, it's actually the most used application on my phone by far ... it makes transferring development versions of SECuRET from my development PC to my phone so much easier!  Not to mention it's best use; sharing MP3s around - 'sharing' across my various devices of course ;)

Anyway, there's a couple of updates coming very soon that are based on user feedback, and so hopefully will please you guys.  I have added:
  • ZIP support which means you can now upload and download entire directories;
  • And a new function to scan an uploaded file into the appropriate media library when it is uploaded; so pictures will instantly appear in your Gallery and MP3s will instantly appear in your Music application.
Both these new pieces of functionality are only available in the PRO version of WiFi File explorer, so if you want them you will have to part with £0.69 ~ $0.99.  As always, let me know of any bugs via email and not via the comments section of the applications.


  1. Can this app make multiple uploads ? I want to transfer my wallpapers in my wallpaper folder on the phone and I must do it on-by-one !? You should solve this please.


  2. Yes, you can :) If you ZIP your wallpapers directory using WiFi File Explorer PRO you can then download the resultant ZIP file to your target.

  3. Is there an issue with unusual characters in directory of file names? Error, Cannot find file or directory, the directory was: /Music/Duran Duran [Complete Discography]/.

  4. In the next version, can improve a better visual, maybe with CSS...

  5. amazing application, the free version works well, will buy the PRO version when Marketplace sorts itself out, I'm getting server errors.... ;-(

  6. bought the pro version. I really want this to work, I like the idea of the app, but the zip files are useless on any of my computers. Is there some trick or special zip program that can read them. Windows 7 native unzip doesn't work and the program I have at home on my vista machine can't do anything with the zipped files. ????? Am I doing something wrong?