Friday, 27 August 2010

GroovyCam LiveStream - Released!

GroovyCam LiveStream is available now to download from SlideMe and will be up on the Android Market in a few hours from now.

It's not an application that's meant to be taken seriously, it's just for a bit of fun and to muck around with the camera a bit ... so remember that when it comes to rating and commenting on it!

It's also worth noting that you are going to need a pretty decent processor and camera on your handset to be able to get the full effect, because there is quite a lot of work to get through to process each frame in real-time!  You are going to want to use in in well lit conditions as well, otherwise you won't be able to appreciate the effects.

This is the first release and so it could be buggy in places - let me know via email if you find any.  Thanks :)

Oh, and one last thing - I intend to add more effects and custom settings to this in the future and in time the price of the application will rise accordingly.  So get it now while it's at a very reasonable price - only £1.49!!

Here's me with a dose of radioactive poisoning ...


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