Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WiFi File Explorer In Translation

Due to the kindness of some very helpful volunteers, WiFi File Explorer is being translated to support some new languages.  It has been translated into Spanish already by the author of the blog, Actualidad Android, and there will be an update coming your way this weekend.  As I write, it is also being translated in Portuguese by a member of the rapidly growing Facebook page.  I am also awaiting a translation into French from a user that offered his services via email, so hopefully that will come to fruition soon as well.

So if anyone else out there has the ability to provide a translation for WiFi File Explorer, then please get in contact with me.  I am looking for volunteers to start with, as there isn't a whole lot of text to translate in this application, but if it is successful I will be offering those translators the opportunity to receive payment to translate my other applications, namely the SECuRET range (there's a lot more to translate in those ones).

I am not too sure how much to pay yet for the translation of the SECuRET applications, as it depends on how much the translation of WiFi File Explorer effects sales.  It won't be huge amounts of cash, but enough to make it worthwhile ... what I can say is that it will be a one off payment for the initial translation, and then smaller payments for each subsequent translation when new text is added to the applications. I am happy to negotiate with you :)

So email me at and volunteer your services to translate WiFi File Explorer ... if is is successful you may just get yourself a job ;)

Update: German translation has now been undertaken by another helpful user.

Update: Add to that Italian and Russian!


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