Thursday, 7 October 2010

WiFi File Explorer Is Currently HOT!

Update: Looks like it's got to number 3!

WiFi File Explorer (the FREE version) is sat at number 5 in the top 10 "Currently hot Android apps" on AppBrain ... considering the sheer number of applications available for Android at the moment (80,000+, I think), I am absolutely delighted that WiFi File Explorer has got to this position!!  I have definitely noticed an increase in sales since this has happened, so thank you to all the people that are raising awareness by downloading the FREE version ... and I hope you all consider getting the PAID version ;)

WiFi File Explorer is enjoying some good success at the moment, especially since the Android Market opened up paid applications to more countries, and I am hoping this exposure on AppBrain will lead to even further success.

Also, thanks to all the people that are joining up on the Facebook page as well; there is 64 people 'liking' it at the moment and I am sure it is helping to raise awareness of the application.  Spread the word!

And finally, "Create Directory" button coming this weekend :)

The dedicated page for WiFi File Explorer on AppBrain can be found here.


  1. hey there,

    I really love your program, I decided to buy the pro version but I cannot find it on the market.

    Is it down for some specific reason? Will it be available again soon?

  2. It is still very much available. If you can't purchase via the Market, then SlideMe is an alternative place to purchase my apps ...

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  4. I will read about these apps now. Maybe I will download them later. Deal?