Wednesday, 25 July 2012

But I HAVE Already Upgraded!

A common problem when upgrading from the free version of WiFi File Explorer to the paid PRO version is that users try to use one of the features in the PRO version but they are told they still need to upgrade. Typically, this involves trying to perform an upload after upgrading (which is only available in the PRO version) and the user again receives a message saying they need to upgrade to use this functionality.

"But I HAVE Already Upgraded!"

Yes, you have, and you haven't been conned out of money or tricked into paying for something that doesn't exist, or any of the other nonsense I have been accused of over the years. The truth is that if you see this message then you are most likely still using the free version by accident. The other explanation is that your order failed on the Google Play Store (or other app store) and you haven't yet upgraded to the PRO version, so always check that as the first thing.

So assuming that your order was successful and you have paid for the PRO version and you are suffering from this problem, the first thing to do is to uninstall the free version. Like I mentioned earlier, you are most likely still running the free version and that's probably my fault for calling it an "upgrade"; that can imply that you are just adding something to the free version, but it's actually a separate app you are upgrading to. So, as you don't need the free version any more, uninstall it from your Android device (the free version has a white WiFi symbol on the icon and the PRO version has an orange WiFi symbol on the icon with the word "PRO" at the end of the app name) and then you know for certain that when you do run the app it is definitely 100% the PRO version you are running.

And just to make doubly sure that everything is working, close your web browser if you already had WiFi File Explorer open in it while suffering from this problem. It may be that the web page currently in the web browser was one that was served while you were running the free version, so just to make sure it isn't left in there or the cache, close it down and start it up again ready to use with the PRO version.

So very simply:

1) Check your order was successful and you have upgraded to the PRO version;
2) Uninstall the free version;
3) Close your web browser;
4) Start the PRO version (and as you uninstalled the free version, you know you are definitely launching the PRO version);
5) Start your web browser again and enter the address given to you by the app... and enjoy the PRO version!

As always, any questions or if it still isn't working, please contact me at


  1. Its a very usefull great app.. thanks.....

  2. I have paid for wifi explorer, installed it via google play website but then get incompatible update? I do not have the free version installed.

  3. @Eric, please email me and I will give you support.

  4. please add drag and drop to easily transfert files

  5. An idea to avoid confusion in the future:

    Could both apps detect (at startup) if the other one is present on the phone? So, if you have installed Pro andafter that start the free version it could pop up a dialog saying that the pro version is presentand suggest to switch to that...

    .. and vice versa if you run Pro and a free version is still present there a screen appears that you don't need that anymore and offer to uninstall it?

    Just a thought, Markus

  6. Hi, please i try demo but i cant connect in differnt wifi network it must be on
    the same network but i have 2 network one for the bedroom and other for living room, so if buy pro it will connect on different wifi network
    thank you

  7. Hi, I'm having a small problem with the pro version and my SD card, its a 32GB class 10 and wifi file explorer pro v1.82 says its a 16GB card(11.25GB). My phone says its 32GB. Any suggestions?
    Dave A

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