Thursday, 19 November 2015

Drag-and-Drop File Uploads in WiFi File Explorer

You are now able to upload files via WiFi File Explorer by using drag-and-drop. The old upload box on the web user interface has been updated to display an area that allows you to drag-and-drop the files you want to upload, to make it quicker and more efficient to transfer files from your computer to your Android device.

So just drag the files from your computer onto the new area labelled "Drop Here" and your files will immediately upload. You can still use the "Select Files" button if you wish to navigate to your files in the more traditional way.

Aside from being a more convenient way of transferring files, another benefit of this update is that is no longer relies on Flash plugins to handle the upload; instead it uses HTML5 and JavaScript. This means that some older web browser may not support the drag-and-drop mechanism, so you should use the "Select Files" button instead... or get a better web browser! As Flash plugins become more and more obsolete, this update helps to future proof WiFi File Explorer as Flash will eventually become unsupported.

Let me know if you have any issues with the new drag-and-drop feature - it's a lot of new code, so there could be bugs I am yet to find through my own testing.

Also, there's a new tidied up and higher resolution icon, and a new font for the logo title, as you can see in the image above.


  1. whats technology used in wi_i module of data transfer..
    good articles for students..
    Blaster Waves Technologies

  2. like the program.
    can you tell me how tro copywhole directories from a computer to the phone. Each directory is the files to an individual audiobook.
    Inowe have been creating a directory by typing iun the name then copying the files to the directory, which is tedious to do for a couple hours straight. I also want to be able to delete a directory when I have finished the book.
    How do I do those 2 things?
    Steve Mitchell

  3. I cannot seem to view the top level directory of the SD card. Does this app have that option?

  4. Thanks for this great app!
    Subjectively I seem to be getting file transfer rates as fast as USB or faster!
    Thanks again

    Phil Bender

  5. Hey, I like your programme and its simplicity. But unfortunately I have the problem that files over some 100 kB will be not uploaded. I tried to upload a song with several MB and only around 300 kB arrived. I tried it with a photo and only around 300 kB of 800 kB arrived on my phone. I could open it and it was only the first half of the picture.
    Someone knows something about this error?

    Kind regards

    1. btw, downloading from the phone to PC works without problem

  6. the simplest way to organise files on my Nvidia Sheild TV device.

    Any chance you could add an "auto-start" setting please? This way I don't have to wait for the TV to turn on so I can start the app. thanks :D

  7. Can't transfer files to SD card on Android 7.0. Please help.

  8. Can't transfer files to SD card on Android 7.0. Please help.

    1. you would need to give wifi explorer access to the sd card. check app permissions in settings

  9. On Android 7 and Samsung S7 if I upload a file, I get the green chek (OK) of the transfer, but I can't find the file in my phone. The file isn't in the current folder and I can't find it anywhere.
    How does it work the lens control? I can't find anything... Does it work in the subfolders too?