Friday, 23 December 2016

SECuRET is Back!

It's been a while, but SECuRET is back and available to download on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore!

This is an improved version called SECuRET ProCam and it combines the best features from the previous iterations of the three SECuRET applications into just one super-app.

SECuRET has always been a complex camera app that provides motion detection and live streaming functionality. It was initially developed in the early days of Android when phones and tablets were much less powerful than they are today meaning cramming everything into one app and have it perform well was nearly impossible. It was this that led the functionality to be spread across separate apps that all worked together to provide a genuine camera security solution.

However, we are now in a time when our Android devices are much more powerful than those early days and this is why we can offer all these features in just one app now - SECuRET ProCam. There are also some new features that have been added or have replaced older features that had stopped working:

  • This is the big one... you can now motion detect and live stream at the same time!
  • As well as Dropbox support, there is now support to sync your captures with Google Drive.
  • A refresh of the look-and-feel along with new app icons.
  • No more support for email or Twitter uploads as these have been replaced by the Dropbox/Drive functionality.
  • No more reliance on Java applet support in order to stream video to web browsers.
  • MJPEG support, so you can stream to other media players.
  • Performance improvements in live streaming and receiving.

Hopefully you'll enjoy these new features and appreciate having it all in just one application now. It should be simpler to use now and give you more for your investment. If you'd already downloaded the app previously known as SECuRET SpyCam, then this update will arrive free of charge as a regular update. If you only owned other versions of SECuRET then you will have to purchase this new version of SECuRET ProCam. And as before, there's a free demo version to try out that is time-limited, low resolution and black & white.

After taking a break from active development of my Android apps for a while, hopefully this update is well received and I can go on to add more features to SECuRET ProCam. I certainly have a long list of ideas that have been sent to me by the enthusiastic SECuRET users over the years!


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  2. Is there any possibility of making this available in the family library for long-time customers? Multiple children & this app is a godsend for my wife and I!

    1. I believe it should already be available as part of a Family Library

  3. Can't seem to access the IP address from outside of my network. Followed the same steps as another app but no luck. Only 1 or 2 videos out of 30 seem to save also...

  4. Is there any way to achieve full quality provided by camera? Like processing scale 1/1?

  5. You need to auto-download the application when you turn on the phone and auto-start the motion detector

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  7. I have securet procam running on an Android phone and want it focused in my garage. It seems super sensitive to things like cars going by on the street and casting shadows on the walls. I wanted to keep the window shades open - is there any way to set sensitivity?

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