Friday, 24 September 2010

Install WiFi File Explorer, SECuRET And GroovyCam To SD Card

UPDATE 28/09/2010:  Sorry for the 2 releases in quick succession but my first attempt at allowing "Install to SD" was causing installation problems on a handful of devices (mainly rooted ones).  Please download the latest updates of WiFi File Explorer and SECuRET SpyCam if this was affecting you.

Due to popular demand, the next update to be released for WiFi File Explorer, all the SECuRET applications and GroovyCam LiveStream, is to allow them to be installed to the SD card on devices running Froyo (Android 2.2).

This will allow for more room on your phone memory and mean you can install more applications on your phone.

Admittedly not the most exciting update I have ever made, but still a mighty useful one and one that is in high demand judging by some recent user comments.

And don't worry, there are more exciting updates coming soon!  The next planned update for WiFi File Explorer is the 'Create Directory' button which a lot of you are looking forward to, and the next planned update for the SECuRET applications is to show thumbnails of the video captures in the Mini Gallery on the start page.


  1. I bought your WiFi File Explorer app last night, and have to say it fit my needs perfectly. I reviewed it at my blog. Its well worth the 1.08 USD I paid. Being able to install on the SD card will be a plus!

  2. Running a Droid X with Froyo.

    Had the free version installed on 2.1 and just purchased.

    App worked OK, transferred files but I could not get the app to stop.

    Tried to stop the app and continued to start.


    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  3. Please amend my second sentence:

    Installed the free version on Android 2.1, currently running 2.2 and installed the paid version on 2.2.

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