Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lots And Lots Of Updates To WiFi File Explorer, Tonight

After my recent post (Upcoming Updates To WiFi File Explorer), I set about trying to cram as many in as possible for this latest update ... plus a few extras I thought of.

So tonight (UK time), I will be releasing the latest and greatest versions of WiFi File Explorer which will include all the following goodies:
  • Password support;
  • The ability to configure the port number;
  • 'Type' column to allow sorting by file extension;
  • Better sorting of the items in a directory, i.e. grouping directories and files;
  • Some 'nicer' CSS to make it more visually appealing, but still maintaining the simple-to-use interface;
  • And, finally ... [drum roll, please] ... a REAL progress bar for uploading!!!!
... and it's still only £0.69 and I am determined that it should never cost anymore than that!!

I've been testing all these features for a few days now - hopefully there's no bugs, but if you do find any please let me know via email pauldyble82@gmail.com.  I still have plenty of new features to add and ideas I am toying with, so this is one of many regular updates you'll see in the near future.  The more popular WiFi File Explorer gets, the more time I can afford to spend on it, so hopefully it will keep getting better and better and better and better and ... you get the picture ;)

Speaking of which, there is a new link on the top right corner of the WiFi File Explorer web interface that gives you details and links on how to stay connected and updated with it, and how you can help to drive it forward.  I am also asking that users kindly click the Facebook 'Share' and Twitter 'Tweet' buttons to help raise awareness of this application ... I am really starting to believe this application has all the ingredients to be a success (simple, cheap, easy, functional, useful, etc.) and I just think that if people knew that it even existed that we could all drive WiFi File Explorer to the top of the charts.

So who's with me?  There's already 8 people 'Liking' the Facebook page ;)


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