Friday, 3 September 2010

Upcoming Updates To WiFi File Explorer

After the recent surge in sales of WiFi File Explorer PRO, I also received a surge in emails in parallel to that; some previously undiscovered bugs and some cool new ideas.  I have managed to make a few bug fixes and upgrades in the past couple of days, but before I explain them below, let me just explain something else first...

The idea behind WiFi File Explorer is one of beautiful simplicity - it's just a quick and easy way to transfer files and directories to and from your phone without the need for cables or removing SD cards.  I decided to keep everything simple and easy to use; no configuration needed, no buttons, easy to read instructions, clean interface and everything just works from the moment you start the application (apart from a couple of small bugs you guys found ;) ).  By having a nice, simple, plain HTML webpage (with a bit of Javascript) I can be sure it will be compatible with all browsers.  So by sticking to these principles of keeping everything simple, clean and efficient, we all have a very reliable application to use day in, day out.  It doesn't try and do anything else other than what it claims to and I think that by sticking to these core principles is what makes it appealing to most users - if things are useful, work easily and don't cost a lot, people will like them.  Simple!  It's also why I can offer it to you for the bargain price of £0.69 - literally a few pennies that could end up saving you a lot of bother when it comes to moving files around.

So because of this philosophy behind WiFi File Explorer, I am not going to go mad by adding too many bells and whistles ... but what I am going to do is add some new features that are simple and efficient, and will help to make it even more of a pleasure to use.  I'll list the bug fixes and new features after the jump:

In the update I will be making later tonight, the following will be included:
  • Support for special (unicode) characters - everyone worldwide can now enjoy WiFi File Explorer!;
  • Fix the bug that prevented filenames with an ' in the name from being deleted and copied;
  • Add multi-select support to delete and zip multiple files at once;
  • Icons next to files and directories to denote the type;
  • Make the file list clearer with regards to row colouring.
In the near future I will also be adding:
  • Password support;
  • The ability to configure the port number;
  • Add multi-select support to delete and zip multiple directories at once;
  • Option to create new directories;
  • Easier navigation to parent directories;
  • More sorting options.
And in the further future, I will be adding:
  • The ability to rename files and directories;
  • Thumbnails/galleries for images;
  • Possibly the ability to move files and directories (but not drag and drop);
  • A more accurate progress bar;
  • And of course, a pony (???).
Any more ideas are always welcomed, so don't be afraid to email me at  But remember though, I want to keep to the core principles that allow this application to be simple, efficient and most importantly to you guys, cheap! ;)


  1. Awesome! The password feature is probably the only one that is really important to me. Even without it, it is a great app and I was happy to spend such a small amount on it.

  2. how about a "install" button next to uploaded apk files?

    great app. thanks

  3. i dunno why but after the update the files are not unziping for me anymore. i have a N1 and on froyo.

  4. Sorry, I broke unzipping with some of my poorly written Javascript ;) Just made an update with the fix on the Android Market and SlideMe.

    Also, I like the idea of auto installing APKs - I will add this to my to-do list.

  5. It works now. Thank you for the fix, that was super fast. You have a great little program here! How hard would it be to not have to zip multiple files in order to send to phone? I think that it would be a perfect program if we could just send folders instead of zipping. Still, I love it... I hate getting my cable just to upload a 50mb album to the phone

  6. I'm not sure if it's possible to upload a directory or not; I only know about uploading files using HTTP POST. However, I thought uploading 1 ZIP file would be more efficient as it is only a single file and should be more compressed than a directory structure (although there would be little difference in compression for MP3s, admittedly).

    I will be looking to add an 'auto unzip on upload' checkbox at some point to make the process slightly shorter, but for now I need to finish coding this password protection implementation ...

  7. Fantastic app! I had a cumbersome system set up to sync recorded radio programs to a dropbox folder, then d/l them from the cloud, but it was slow and prone to errors. Now I can just log in from my browser each night and delete old programs and upload new ones. Well worth the price! Thanks!