Friday, 17 September 2010

Torch Button Coming To SECuRET

You may be excused for thinking that this blog had become exclusively about WiFi File Explorer in recent weeks, but hey, don't worry SECuRET users ... I am still adding new features for all the SECuRET (and GroovyCam) applications as well!

I have just looked through my road map of feature updates for the range of SECuRET applications and there's enough new features on there to keep the updates coming for at least the next 12 months, but to start off with I'd like to introduce the Torch Button...

Now, the Torch Button is a button (enabled via 'Display Settings' in SECuRET on Android 2.0 and above) on the main camera screen that will switch the camera flash LED on or off (if you have an LED of course, duh!).  You may be wondering why on earth you want a great beaming stream of light coming from your phone when the whole idea behind the SECuRET applications is that they should be as discreet and subtle as possible in doing what they are doing ... namely, spying on people!  Admittedly, I wondered the same thing until a few users pointed out that they needed this feature to be able to spy on things other than people ... an animal isn't going to think, "Hey, that LED on that smartphone is a bit suspicious?!"

So, it may not be useful to you (at the very least, you are getting a FREE 'flashlight' application out of it, which will save you spending $0.99 on the Market), but it could be for other users ... remember, no-one is forcing you to use it, so don't do anything stupid like give it a 1 star review and a comment of "Stupid torch mode makes it easily detectable. Uninstalled." ;)

SECuRET SpyCam will be updated this weekend, and the other versions (including GroovyCam) will follow shortly there after.  In a future update, SECuRET LiveStream and GroovyCam LiveStream will also get a remote control button on the webpage to switch the LED on and off as well, which could be fun for winding people up ;)

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