Thursday, 4 November 2010

SECuRET Updates Coming Soon

Seems like a while since I posted anything exciting about the SECuRET range of applications (installing to SD and 'torch mode' don't really count ;) ).

So what have I been working on that you will see in the forthcoming updates?

First of all, in the next set of updates I have made a few 'security' tweaks, as described below:

1)  The BACK button is now disabled when the touch screen is locked on the main camera screen, making it harder for people to get into your phone;
2)  There are some new 'Show Password' check-boxes to allow you to see what you are typing when inputting passwords into the Settings menus. 
3)  The application no longer appears in the 'recent apps' list that you get when long-pressing the home button - so no-one knows you were ever recording them ;)

Following on from that, I am currently developing and testing higher resolution modes for both still photos and video.  I have had both working on my Nexus One without too many issues, so it is looking promising that you'll see these very soon.  I am particularly happy with the higher resolution video recording as this is something people have been asking for since I started these applications ... (it will only be available on Android 2.2 devices and above though).  In a world where no-one is satisfied unless it is 'HD', hopefully this will shift a few more copies ;)

I think as a by-product of using different resolution settings for video recording, it may well of fixed the issue on some Droid X handsets whereby the phone will reset when video recording starts.  I can't confirm this yet as I don't have a Droid X, but if anyone is interested in testing it for me, then let me know (

And finally, another problem that has plagued a handful of users is that when video recording starts, you hear the shutter sound regardless of the 'Shutter Volume' setting.  This can be got around on most phones by putting your phone into 'Silent Mode' in the system settings, but I have now added a 'Put Device in Silent Mode' setting in the SECuRET applications.  Again, I can't confirm this is fixed yet as my phone never had this issue, but anyone who does have the issue, let me know and we'll get you to test the new setting.  Also, by putting the phone in silent mode whenever the SECuRET applications are running, it means the phone stays more discreet whilst it is hidden away, just in case any alarms or ringtones decide to go off!

So a nice set of updates and features coming your way very soon indeed.  And please remember to show some love in the comments section on the Android Market ... the SECuRET SpyCam DEMO could definitely do with a few decent ratings going its way, so take the time to bless it with a 5 star rating - thanks :)


  1. Is there any timeline for the next release? It's been over 3 weeks since you posted this. I'd love to have these new features. Keep up the good work!

  2. All these have now been updated, apart from the hi res mode.

    Hi res video coming this week. Hi res photo soon after that.

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