Sunday, 15 May 2011

“I just bought your app, but it says it can’t find the license – what do I do?”

Every so often users will email me with this very question, and so instead of repeating myself in each of those replies, I will quickly answer it here so I can point people to it…

I am not sure exactly what causes this to happen, but after purchasing and starting the app it says that it cannot find a valid license; it could be the Google license servers are rubbish or it could be an issue with the data/internet connection your Android device is using.  Either way, the solution (in most cases) is as follows:
  1. Disable the WiFi connection on your Android device;
  2. Start the app in question so that it can check for the license using 3G (or other default data connection);
  3. Once the app has found the license, exit the app;
  4. Enable the WiFi connection again;
  5. Start the app and enjoy!

If you follow all those steps and it still isn't finding your license (or you have a WiFi only device) then some other things that work are turning your device off and then back on again, or just waiting a bit for your license to register.

And if you still have trouble after that, then just contact me and I will try and help you.  If by this time you have gone past your refund window, then fear not, as I can still process a refund for you at any time as I fully understand that you can not try out an app that can't find a valid license.