Thursday, 20 May 2010

SECuRET SpyCam Video Recording Broken After Update To Android 2.1

I have had a couple of reports that after updating to Android 2.1, SECuRET SpyCam has failed to successfully start the video recording on motion triggers.  I have no idea what is causing this and it's not something I can easily reproduce myself.

However, the work around seems to be pretty simple; uninstall and then reinstall SECuRET SpyCam.  Easy huh?

I have so far had no reports of similar effects for SECuRET LiveStream or SECuRET RemoteControl.  A lot of the code base is shared between the 3 applications so they may suffer the same symptoms, but then neither uses video recording like SECuRET SpyCam, so they may not.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hey There, Good Looking

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the various screenshots and icons scattered around on this blog are not the same as what your versions of SECuRET currently have.  Well, that's because I have been beavering away by tweaking the UI and trying to apply some polish to enhance the cosmetic appearance of SECuRET.  No major changes to layout if I'm honest, just a bit of 'makeup'.

A few gradients here, a bit of shine there, a cheeky drop-shadow and a more consistent colour scheme ... I think it looks the business, but my girlfriend didn't even notice the difference!  Oh, apart from the new icons ... she preferred the old ones :(

I'll be releasing the whole range of new look-and-feel SECuRET applications over the next couple of days, so make sure you check the Android Market (or SlideMe) for update notifications.  Feel free to give me feedback, if you notice any difference of course!

Climbing The Charts

I monitor user feedback and positioning of all my applications regularly via the Android Market application on my phone, but I rarely check out the Android Market website.  That was until I read this article and decided to take another look at the website.

I was delighted to see that both SECuRET SpyCam and SECuRET LiveStream had made it into the Top Paid section for their category of Multimedia.  I also discovered that the demo versions for both those applications had made it into the Top Free section for their category of Demo.

Monday, 17 May 2010

FAQs Section Added

So, I reached a point at which I had received enough questions on my applications to recognise what is being asked on a frequent basis.  Hence, the birth of the FAQs page.

Please visit here before you contact me ... but don't worry, if you do have a question that isn't answered here, I am more than willing to help and support you via email.

I would say "there's no question too dumb", but that isn't necessarily true :P

Thursday, 13 May 2010

SECuRET Webcam Help

Since releasing SECuRET SpyCam I have had lots of emails from users asking how to configure their webcams and I would always give a standard response of advising them to try and find some webcam software that suits them and that I had nothing to recommend ... well, that has changed now as I have found some brilliant free software that works perfectly together with SECuRET SpyCam.  It's called Yawcam and you can find out how to configure it here.

I have also added a link in the 'Pages' section, SECuRET Webcam Help.

First Post ... "Welcome!!"

This is a place for users of my Android applications (SECuRET, WiFi File Explorer, etc.) to get information and instructions as well as news on updates and forthcoming developments.  Also, please give me feedback and ideas for new features; lots of the features you already see in my applications are based on user feedback and requests ... so don't be afraid to ask, because if it's possible (and I find the time), you may just see your idea in one of my applications ;)