Monday, 12 November 2018

WiFi File Explorer Port Number Change for Amazon Version

Anyone that uses a Kindle Fire and recently had a Fire OS update may have noticed that after applying the system update and then trying to use WiFi File Explorer, the app got stuck on 'Starting...' and never got itself going.

The reason for this is that WiFi File Explorer uses port 8000 to serve on, which is generally unused on most Android devices. However, it appears that Amazon has chosen that same port 8000 for another service on the Fire OS since the last update, and so when WiFi File Explorer tries to use it, it is unable to and so fails to start properly.

By the time you read this there should be a new update available to WiFi File Explorer which changes the default port number to 8001 (which is unused) and so allows the app to operate correctly again.  You can also go into the app settings and configure this number yourself if you are having troubles before you get the update.

This applies to the Amazon version of WiFi File Explorer; so even if you don't have a Kindle Fire, but you downloaded the app onto your Android device from Amazon, then this port number change to 8001 will affect you as well next time you go to use the app.

So just remember: if you downloaded WiFi File Explorer from Amazon, then next time you go to type in the web address to use the app in a web browser, double check that you are typing in the correct address - it should now end with 8001.