SECuRET Webcam Help

*Yawcam is 3rd party software and according to the website is currently only supported on Windows machines.  For other operating systems you must find some webcam software that allows you to retrieve frames from your webcam as JPEGs via HTTP using a URL*

How to install and configure Yawcam in order to use your webcam with SECuRET

Before you start, make sure your webcam is switched on and enabled and that your Android device is on the same WiFi network as the Windows PC that has the webcam attached.

1. On your PC, download Yawcam from Make sure you meet the stated requirements.

2. Install Yawcam with all default settings.

3. Run Yawcam and go to Settings -> Detect webcam... . Select your webcam from the combo-box and click OK. You should see a feed from your webcam in the Yawcam Preview window. If your webcam does not appear in the combo-box or you don’t see a feed, it would appear your webcam is not supported by Yawcam (please check the Yawcam website for details).

4. In the Yawcam main window and in the Control Panel, enable Http. If Windows Firewall displays a message, then make sure you choose to Allow Access.

5. In the Yawcam main window, go to Help -> What’s my URL? Take note of the second Http address, i.e. the one for “you and viewers inside your network”.

6. Go to Settings in SECuRET on your Android device, then Webcam Settings and enter the URL you noted above with ‘/out.jpg’ on the end, e.g.

7. Select ‘Webcam’ on the opening screen of SECuRET, press start and away you go :)

Note: It is possible to stream your webcam across the internet and not just your network. There are details on how to do this on the Yawcam website.

Note: It is recommend that you change your settings in Yawcam so that there is not text and background overlay on the JPEGs that are served to SECuRET, as they can be interpreted as motion.