Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Climbing The Charts

I monitor user feedback and positioning of all my applications regularly via the Android Market application on my phone, but I rarely check out the Android Market website.  That was until I read this article and decided to take another look at the website.

I was delighted to see that both SECuRET SpyCam and SECuRET LiveStream had made it into the Top Paid section for their category of Multimedia.  I also discovered that the demo versions for both those applications had made it into the Top Free section for their category of Demo.

Given that to date, there are now over 50,000 applications on the Android Market, this is an excellent achievement to have 4 applications in Top Paid sections [pats himself on back].  Thanks ever so much to everyone that has purchased or downloaded these applications and also to all the users that have helped with testing, feedback and ideas for new features.

It would be great if you guys can continue to give good ratings and comments and help push these applications further to the top of their categories.  The more good news like this that I get, the more motivated I am to keep adding new features ... so go on, leave a nice juicy 5 star rating next time you are on the Android Market - if you think it deserves it of course ;)


  1. 9 years ago was only 50k app`s.
    Sound funny in our reality...

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