Friday, 4 November 2011

Moving Files/Directories in WiFi File Explorer

One of the first features I developed for WiFi File Explorer was the 'Create Copy' action.  All it did was copy the relevant file and paste it into the same directory with "Copy of " added to it ... not entirely useful to anyone, really!

Well, that has now changed with the latest update to the application.  Now when you click the 'Create Copy' action next to a file (or a directory now as well) you will be given a popup dialog with contains the path to wear you want to create that copy.  By default it gives the current directory, but you can specify any directory you like that you have permission to write to, or you can create a new directory by typing it into the dialog, again as long as you have permission to create it in that location.  Then when you hit 'OK' it will copy the file/directory you have chosen, paste it in the location you specified and then reload the page into that pasted location ... hey presto - copy & paste!

So now you have two copies of that file/directory on your Android device.  That may be exactly what you wanted, but what if you wanted something more akin to cut & paste?  Simple; just go back to the location of the original file/directory and delete it!

There will be another update coming real soon that allows you to also use the 'Create Copy' action on multiple files/directories that have been selected using the check boxes to make it easier to move around files/directories in batch.  In fact, by the time you read this it may even be already available!


  1. I installed this app on my Kindle Fire. Is there any way to download photos from my iPhone into the Kindle. I can connect with the iPhone to the 192... address, but I get the same screen on both devices.

    1. can connect, but you see the same scren?

      Lemme see if i m getting this...the WiFiExplorer program should only be running on ONE device...take the other device (the iPhone, I guess), and open a browser window (Silk or Chrome or IE or anything)...just type the server info into the address bar (e.g., and BLAMMO, yer copying all the pics over to Kindle...there's even a button on the Explorer dash to 'show all pics' or some such...

  2. Is it possible to browse to the destination directory because it's a bind having to find out the full path and then type in if you don't already know it. Thanks.

    Brilliant app by the way. Much appreciated. So much better than Kies.

  3. Hi,
    Is it possible to rename a file ?
    François Lyon

  4. hi. i installed this in my blackberry playbook. may i know where i could locate those office documents? thanks.

  5. Hello, Could I send filas from a computer to phone?

  6. Can you send folders to Android box as well as files , if so what it the folder size limit . Cant believe how easy it connected and so much simpler to work on the Android box from my laptop , deleted a load of files in seconds , would have taken forever doing it direct on the app .

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