Monday, 16 July 2012

Dropbox Support in SECuRET SpyCam

SECuRET SpyCam has recently been updated to provide Dropbox support so that you can automatically upload your captures to your Dropbox account.   For those that aren’t aware, Dropbox is a service that is free to use and allows you to store you files in the cloud so they can be accessible anywhere on a variety of devices, both mobile and desktop.

The exciting thing is, this applies to all captures; photos and videos at all resolutions!  Now, that may not seem that exciting to you at first, but to users who used older versions of SECuRET SpyCam, the only option to automatically send your captures somewhere other than the SD card was to either email or Tweet them... and due to restrictions in both mechanisms, this was limited to only lower resolution photos.

So with this new Dropbox support allowing you to upload photos and videos at all resolutions, this will be a really useful addition for anyone that wants to view their captures remotely.  As the main use case for SECuRET SpyCam is to hide or position your Android device running the app somewhere where you are not able to directly use it, this ability to view all types of captures without having to wait until you recover your device from its hiding place will prove invaluable.

For example, you can position your device somewhere you want to monitor something valuable, like the amazing triple-decker sandwich you just made.  Set SECuRET SpyCam up to record videos on motion detection and enable the Dropbox support to automatically upload your files, and then wait.  You’ll now be able to sit and watch for a video to appear in your Dropbox account of that pesky housemate who keeps stealing your food tucking into your sandwich as they are doing it – caught in the act!  Obviously you would eat the delicious sandwich yourself before anyone else had the chance in this scenario, but I am sure you can think up your own scenarios, depending on what you are spying on!

How do you set it up then?  Easy - just go to General settings in the app and scroll down to the bottom.  Make sure you have Save Captures ticked so that your captures are saved to the device storage, and then click on Dropbox.  Here you can enable the automatic uploads and link your Dropbox account, and if you don’t have a Dropbox account already there is a handy link to sign up from within the app.  Now when you start the app and any motion triggered captures occur, they will upload to your Dropbox account into the SECuRETSpyCam directory which is in the Apps directory.  If you have Dropbox installed on your PC then you can see these new captures appear moments after they have occurred (depending on your network speed of course).

I think this is a really great addition and helps cement SECuRET SpyCam’s position as the ultimate security camera for Android.  I hope you find some interesting ways to use it and I am always keen to hear from users how they are using the app and if they managed to catch any criminals with it, so please contact me if you do.


  1. Just the ticket! Worthy addition to an already great app. Thank you!

  2. Where can I go for support for this feature? Securet spycam is among my approved apps on dropbox, but the app itself keeps asking me to supply credentials. When I follow the link in the app to do so, I get a page that has allow and deny. I hit allow and it just refreshes the page. It's obviously working on DropBox's side ,since it is listed, but it seems the credentials never get stored where the app can access them.

    1. Nevermind. I installed the dropbox app and it works fine. Guess it just doesn't like going through a browser.

  3. How I view the *.mp4 files.

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